Azures of Afterlife

The Hottest Girls from Across the Galaxy

About the Azures

Clarissa Metall

I started playing dress up as a little girl (from age one). It is basically a part of who I am. I enjoy it and bringing a smile to faces, always fills me with joy.

When I first saw the pictures of the Azures online from Rana; I became so excited! When I first saw the dancers on mass effect; I thought they were beautiful and graceful with their movements, even in a seductive nature.

I fell in love with mass effect shortly after it came out and I bought it. The beauty, the detail, the races; I just live everything about it!

So far, I will be appearing as an azure at dragoncon and maybe comikaze.

Mass Effect Paramour/Love Interest

I love all begins. But my favorites over all? I have to admit, are; Turians, Humans, Drell, and the straggling Qurian(especially when it's their first dance. It's adorable!)

Clarissa Metall