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Olivia's Atelier

A lifelong nerd, I started going to conventions in 2004, and after seeing how much fun people had dressing up, I started doing it myself the next year. Down the rabbit hole I sure fell! I've been a huge fan of Dragon Age since the franchise launched, but was a latecomer to Mass Effect despite MANY people telling me I'd love it. Planning to play it later, I did a Liara costume at DragonCon 2013, and was soon after invited to the Azures group by a mutual friend. I started the series on N7 day that year and LOVED it. Liara is probably my favourite part of the series, but I love all the squadmates you pick up along the way. By the end of the last game, they feel like a family and it's so hard to finish the game and say goodbye.

I'll be wearing my Azure to DragonCon 2015, and if the gods are good, Emerald City Comic Con 2016.

Mass Effect Paramour/Love Interest

Single blue female searching for a human girl who's been touched by a Prothean beacon. ;D

Olivia's Atelier