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About the Azures

Rachel Roth

I have been cosplaying for about 12 years. My bestfriend, Rosiegaga, was the one to actually get me into cosplaying. When she mentioned how she was going to Fanime she encouraged me to go and dress up with her. Since I've always been into comics, videogames, and sewing . That is when I made my first cosplay, Raven from Teen Titans! Ever since then I have been sewing nonstop. I attended FIDM where I graduatted with an AA in Fashion Design. Now I make wedding dresses for a designer, and run my geek fashion/costuming business, Unicorn Sushi, on the side.

I really love Mass Effect, everything about it is perfection. The amount of detail that goes into the series is incredible, and is possibly one of the few games out their with such great character development. The moment I stepped into Afterlife, in the game, I knew I had to make the dancers outfit at some point. I mean who doesn't want to be a sexy blue alien? It was literally a dream to be accepted into this group.

Mass Effect Paramour/Love Interest

I currently don't have anything set in stone at the moment but one thing is for sure I will be wearing this at every Dragoncon from now on!

Rachel Roth